Residents for global health and service



Residents for Global Health & Service is a group formed as an educational program to promote and encourage global health and travel medicine. As resident physicians, we play a large role in patient care at many health institutions. As we maintain our demanding schedules, it often becomes difficult for us to preserve that which initially ignited our passion for medicine; our call towards service and our love of people. This organization is created in hopes that it will provide a channel for resident physicians to give back and serve the most disadvantaged populations. Our goal is to gain experience that will not only improve our clinical skills and medical knowledge, but will teach valuable lessons in diversity and cultural competence. 


How Can

You Help?

If you are interested in supporting our mission consider donating to our cause. All donations go towards medications, surgeries, clothing and other medical needs for the people. Your donations go towards the people we serve.

This year we have chosen to raise money for Solar lights. Darkness is an epidemic and a huge pubic health concern.  Research has shown that rape and assault goes down by almost 20% when there is light.  We will be delivering light directly to the refugees and camps in Bangladesh, families in Nepal and villagers in India.

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